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About Us
  About Havyaka Sagara  
  “HAVYAKASAGARA” a synonym for Havyaka community group formed by young engineers from havyaka community with the initiative of establishing a contact between havyaka people around the world.

We intend to make this as a unique information portal i.e. Unique to our havyaka community

Main Aims:

To foster unity, friendship, co-operation, self-help, self-reliance & a spirit of brotherhood among the havyaka people

To protect, preserve, promote, propagate & perpetuate art, science, havyaka culture & traditional values among the havyaka people

To help the havyaka people by giving information about most of the important places like hostels colleges etc.

To publish havyaka events, havyaka recipes, etc

Join Havyaka Sagara Group

Those who are interested in joining ‘havyakasagara’ group can send mail to

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