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Career Tips
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  Career Tips    

A successful job search begins with immense mental preparation. You need to focus on a positive outcome by letting go of old workplace grievances and developing a mental and written checklist of your key accomplishments, talents and abilities. Nobody is perfect and we are often harder on ourselves than anyone else would be. Job search goals can be realized when they are clearly identified and a suitable action plan developed to achieve them.

  • Always be and think positive
  • Jot down specific goals and build on a plan to achieve them
  • Don’t be afraid to get started, just do it.
  • Read books, get trained, and acquire new skills
  • Be persistent and work hard
  • Learn to analyze details, get all the facts, all the input, and learn from your mistakes
  • Invest your Time wisely; don’t let other people or things distract you
  • Don’t be afraid to innovate: be different
  • Be honest and dependable: take responsibility

Resume tips
The first step in presenting yourself is to create a precise and easy to read resume that does the work for you. Always remember that the prospective employer has a short time to whiz through your resume, so they must be able to get a feel for you by scanning through powerful words on your resume.


  • Wherever possible, explain your experience/achievements in different form.
  • Highlight your major achievements up front so the prospective employer has an understanding of your level of expertise.
  • Provide the experience in reverse chronological order
  • Your resume should look something like this:
    • Education
    • Professional experience
    • Personal details
    • Other interests
  • Be sharp & concise about the language you use.
  • Explain your technical experience in specific terms. Ensure that all tools you have worked on are mentioned in detail.

Interview Tips

  • Find out as much information as you can about the company you might be interested in.
  • Prepare questions that you would like to ask the interviewer about company & your future in that company
  • Have a mock session with a friend, or a family member.
  • Be sure on your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Find out where the interview will be held, the time, place, the interviewer's name and their position in the organization.
  • Ensure you are punctual

At the interview:

  • Be confident
  • Be specific to the questions.
  • Be honest in your answers. The Interviewer is trying to place you in a role that will develop your potential.
  • Take time if you need a moment to think through your answer.

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