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Kannada Kavana
Kannada Links
  Kannada Links  
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Kannada Newspapers and Magazines



Kannada Prabha:

Samyukta Karnataka:



Amateur Kannada Magazines

Vishwa kannada First Online magazine in Kannada by Dr. U.B. Pavanaja

Chaithrarashmi magazine in Kannada by Ramachandra Hegde C.S

Karnataka Patra: One year old kannada magazine by B.G.Sudhir and Vivek.S.Philar

kannada koota: kannada koota by Amerikannadigas

Tourism, Culture, education and other links

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation: This is the official web site of Karnataka Government Tourism Dept. A real good site for those who want exclusive tourism information including hotel booking and other services. This is not the official web site of Karnataka Government Tourism Dept. This site has got a good amount of information on Tourism, Education, Industry and Government

Karnataka Homepage: A very good and informative information on Karnataka's History, Geography, Economy, Tourism and much more Has got statistical and other informations Visit Karnataka in
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